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How does Itemize work?

Itemize uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to capture data from structured and unstructured documents. The platform is easy to set up and use. You simply signup and start uploading financial documents. Our AI will capture data in real time. During the first setup, you can set up email forwarding to upload documents and add users.

How is Itemize different from AP Workflow tools?

Itemize is much more than AP workflow tools. It is built on a premise that with the right data you don’t need to have complicated workflows. While we do have workflow/review rules set up, we aim to extract data with 100% accuracy so AP teams don’t have to check for errors and can focus on high-value activities.

My financial tasks are backdated. How can Itemize help?

Regardless of the current state of your books, itemize can help you catch up with document processing. You can add the additional transaction volume to your first month and downgrade your plan when you’re up to date.

Get in touch for a demo to learn how you can get caught up with Itemize.

Which tools does Itemize integrate with?

Itemize integrates with all the leading financial tools, including Xero, QuickBooks, SAGE, NetSuite, and SAP to name a few.

If there’s a platform, you’d like to integrate with that isn’t already on our list, talk to us.

What business sizes industries can use Itemize?

We aim to make financial automation and control available for everyone. Itemize works seamlessly with businesses of any size in any industry, whether you’re running operations with paper-based systems, digital spreadsheets, or cloud systems that already offer some degree of automation. Our system can support both the simplest and the most complex of business processes.

What type of documents does Itemize support?

Itemize is a Payables AI Drive – our platform support most of the finance and accounting documents in structured or unstructured formats. Some key documents we support/process are Invoices, Receipts, Purchase Orders, Tax Documentation, and more.

Can I set up Itemize on my own?

Yes. Our base product is a no-code easy setup platform. We do however offer customization specific to clients’ needs. And our team of account managers is always here to help too.

Is Itemize GDPR compliant?

Itemize is fully GDPR compliant. We process customer-supplied documents for the primary purpose of intelligence capture, as instructed by our customers. The secondary purpose is further research and development of data our core technology.

Please see our Primary Policy for more information.

Can I get a demo of how Itemize works?

Yes. You can request a demo here.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

Please email us at or use the chat feature you see bottom right of the website and the Itemize portal.

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