AI-Powered Automation for Supply Chain

Automating transaction processing with document categorization, capture, verification, and reconciliation.

Accurate | Verified | Reliable

In the fast-paced supply chain sector, Itemize offers a solution to boost efficiency and cut down on manual data entry, shifting focus towards growth and optimization. This specialized tool significantly eases the manual workload, allowing firms to concentrate on strategic improvements and customer satisfaction.

Itemize’s solution automates critical functions like AP, and Rebate Management tailored for the supply chain industry. It streamlines operations for logistics, manufacturing, and distribution, enhancing accuracy and freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

Use Cases

Accounts Payable

Rebate Management

BOL processing

Itemize transforms AP operations by automating invoice processing and payments, reducing manual input, and improving financial accuracy and efficiency.
With Itemize, Rebate Management becomes streamlined and error-free, automating calculations, tracking, and application processes to ensure maximum profitability and compliance.
Itemize simplifies Bill of Lading Processing, offering an automated solution for faster, error-reduced documentation, and improved logistics and compliance tracking.

Supply Chain Flow

supply chain

Features and Benefits

Rich data sets from invoices

Level One, Level Two, and line item details

Guaranteed accuracy from any invoice

Field-level SLAs for specific date fields

Automated reconciliation and verification

Eliminate unnecessary human intervention

Global market coverage

Automatic vendor data capture in major markets

Fast deployments

Restful APIs with rapid setups

Cloud-based redundancy

Always on, completely in the cloud

Enterprise-grade system

High-capacity, high-security built for enterprise scale

Five-star service

Chat, email, or call whenever you need a hand

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