Add AI data extraction to financial workflow application for images, pdfs, and emails. Verify and reconcile rich financial and vendor information with payment and ERP data feeds. Process data automatically in the cloud in multiple currencies and languages.

Itemize provides well-document, easy-to-use RESTful APIs that you can integrate into your financial ERP and commercial payments systems. 

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B2B Financial Data Transformation Hub

Itemize AI Data Capture and Reconciliation Hub

What We Do

Itemize automates financial document transformation, reconciliation and verification.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions aggregate documents and data sets from a multitude of sources and types. We extract data, augment it with vital attributes, and transform it into accurate, verified, and properly-formatted financial records. We reconcile the document data with financial transaction records.

Itemize solutions reduce human labor, lower error rates, cut operating costs, and improve compliance risk management.

Available via simple cloud-based RESTful APIs, our easy-to-implement services help clients increase ERP automation, improve information quality, reduce A/P costs, and reduce compliance risks.

Our apps and web-based services enable businesses to automate their Accounts Payable process by eliminating data entry, reducing reconciliation, and automating compliance review processes.

Solutions and Description

We monitor third party email accounts to automatically retrieve invoices and other financial documents.
Our proprietary Computer Vision and Financial OCR captures document information needed for financial use cases.
We operate proprietary AI, Machine Learning models that extract values and data from financial documents
We cross check and validate document data to ensure accuracy and data set integrity
We match and reconcile information across documents and client data sets
We verify merchants and reconcile identities to normalized profiles
We capture rich tax data, augment documents with required information, and generate detailed tax data sets and reporting
We AI score documents, transactions and their details on multiple dimensions
We interact with clients via our Restful APIs in order to support real time and batch client needs
We provide apps and portal for clients to distribute to their end users and to use in monitoring production.

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