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Solutions by Industry


Construction companies have traditionally been piled under tons of paperwork, project uncertainties, and labor shortage obstacles. Itemize automated data entry, vendor onboarding, and verification, so you can pay suppliers on time, tap into early pay discounts and manage multiple projects.

AP for Construction

Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics companies face a massive barrier to speed: manual data entry and document processing. From invoice management and vendor concerns, Itemize solves this challenge through an AP automation platform built to minimize manual efforts required to process documents.

AP for shipping and logistic

Commercial Real Estate/Property Mgmt

Real Estate and Property Management companies often struggle with unreliable technologies and reporting delays. From invoice management and vendor concerns, Itemize solves this challenge through an AP automation platform. Eliminate manual data entry, free your real estate talent and produce greater confidence in the data that drives analysis and reporting.

AP for shipping and logistic

Wholesale Lockbox

Lockbox providers often struggle with highly manual processes. Itemize offers the fastest image-enabled wholesale lockbox capabilities. Streamline data capture from Invoices, Envelopes, Correspondence, PO, Checks, and other supporting documents with reliable, secure, and scalable Lockbox automation. Best for financial institutions, AR systems, and enterprises.

wholesale lockbox

Business Services/BPO

Scalability and less manual work are crucial for the professional services industry. Instead of customer service, a significant amount of work is still focused on manual data entry. Itemize solves this by providing an end-to-end solution to help you focus less on manual data entry and review and more on what drives your business forward: your clients.

AP for shipping and logistic
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