Managers and business team members in finance roles are still drowning in paper, data entry, and manual file matching. They are engaged in never-ending workflow approval activities that can be offboarded to properly configured computers. Our vision is to help make that a reality for mid-sized companies and organizations that don’t have vast technical resources at their disposal.


Using Itemize’s proprietary AI software and solutions, we enable clients to capture, organize, and harness their data across diverse systems. We help lower processing costs, reduce human interactions, lower error rates, improve compliance, and secure early pay discounts.

About Us

Itemize Corp. was established in 2012 in New York City. The company was founded by James Thomas, a payments industry data expert who had successfully launched the data intelligence business at a major credit card company before founding Itemize.

Uniquely focused on AI solutions at the intersection of financial supply chains and commercial payments, Itemize is dedicated to automating financial record keeping activities associated with B2B purchasing, procurement, and business expenses.

The company’s scalable solutions power workflows that help businesses move away from being trapped under mountains of paper that require manual processing and decision-making. Instead, these solutions open the door to intelligent and automated data entry and processing. Itemize operates multi-tenant cloud services that support clients around the world at both speed and scale.

Clients turn to Itemize when they recognize that paper-based solutions cost them money in sluggish operations, error and compliance risks, processing costs, and, most importantly – disappointed customers.

Above all else, clients who select Itemize would agree that accuracy in financial use cases is job number one, two, and three.


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Our Leadership Team

James Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

James Thomas founded Itemize in 2012, following his leadership of Mastercard’s information business.

Ryan Courtade

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Courtade joined Itemize after fifteen years in the non-profit and military sectors.

Ciaran Davies

SVP, Information Science

Samantha Fisher

SVP, Technology

Samantha Fisher leads the development technology in developing robust and scalable solutions.

Peter Kolevzon

VP, General Counsel

Peter Kolevzon serves as General Counsel of the company and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Jeremy Sanders

Chief Technology Architect

Jeremy Sanders specializes in building robust systems.

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