AI Solutions to Automate Financial Transactions

Copilots for Accounts Payable, Payment Processing, Supply Chain, and Loan Processing

Itemize is the leading vertical AI company automating financial transaction processing. Its customers include financial organizations and enterprise offices of the CFO. The company’s market-leading technology automates clerical tasks that still require manual effort. Its solutions elevate teams to focus on higher-impact activities. Itemize delivers efficiencies, intelligence, and new value from transaction AI.

Consumer financial systems have transitioned to digital technologies, but business-to-business processes remain largely stuck in analog mode. B2B still relies on paper documents, emails, and PDF images for communications and transactions between buyers, sellers, and third parties. These formats require human intervention in numerous tasks. They include data entry, reconciliations, QA, approvals, custom spreadsheets, fraud screening, and compliance. Human involvement drives up errors and omissions, slows transaction processing, increases operating costs, and leaves significant value on the table.

Unlike Generative AI and legacy technology like OCR and RPA, Itemize AI is designed specifically for financial transaction processing. Its focus is understanding financial document data to derive intelligence, validate results, and automate workflows. These processes include reconciliation, account coding, compliance, cash flow management, and payments. The platform offerings:

  • Itemize Transact – AI automation for item processing operations at large financial organizations
  • Itemize Digital Mailroom – AI document file routing for physical and digital mail in B2B finance
  • Itemize AP – AI-powered Accounts Payable automation for corporates in document-heavy sectors

The platform accelerates processing from hours and minutes down to just seconds – while also achieving 99%+ accuracy.  It delivers far more data and intelligence than humans produce, while reducing errors by 90%.  And Itemize lowers costs by 75% versus humans. It unlocks new potential value in downstream functions powered by transaction intelligence – including payments, reporting, compliance, and audit.

The company’s proprietary AI is built from private financial source data, proprietary natural language models, and discipline libraries for finance, lending, procurement, and tax. Its patent-pending techniques comprehend and validate financial data to automate processing for a range of financial use cases.

Itemize works with leading financial services organizations and enterprises. They value the company’s advanced position in R&D and practical solutions. Itemize AI has processed over 150 million B2B commerce transactions worth $10 billion from suppliers in over 60 countries around the world.

Itemize was established in 2012 to harness AI for processing business travel expenses and SMB expense receipts. As its technology matured, Itemize evolved to support more complex enterprise financial use cases. Itemize is led by James Thomas, former global head of information products and services at Mastercard; Steve Markle, former CEO of Birch Street Systems, a B2B procurement leader; and Ciaran Davies, an AI leader who held senior innovation roles at Capital One’s C4ML Lab.


James Thomas


James Thomas (CEO)

Itemize Founder and Mastercard veteran
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Steve Markle


Steve Markle

Former CEO of BirchStreet and Ariba SAP veteran

Ciaran Davies


Ciaran Davies SVP


Peter Kolevzon


Peter Kolevzon

Itemize General Counsel and a member of the Board of Directors.

Ryan Courtade


Ryan Courtade

Joined Itemize after fifteen years in the non-profit and military sectors.
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