AI-Powered AP for Construction

Automating data capture, workflows, approvals, and fraud prevention.

Itemize is a no-code AP automation solution that turns piles of paper into actionable information. Providing a set of practical and easy-to-AP features, the Itemize Drive streamlines complex construction processes, cuts costs, and helps keep projects on track. You’re covered by everything from ensuring invoice processing to ensuring contractor compliance.

Why Itemize

Itemize AP drive is a cloud-based solution that streamlines and automates AP processes. Leverage Itemize to reduce cost, maintain timely financial reporting, robust invoice processing, and complete cash flow control – maximize early payment discounts or conserve cash if needed.

With Itemize you can:
  • Reduce risk
  • Automate document processing
  • Enhance spend visibility
  • Improve vendor management

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most fields are already extracted automatically. Tertiary fields that are not currently available can be added to the system without significant delay.
Yes, the vendor tab allows you to add new vendors/contractors and GL codes. These can then automatically bind with documents as they are processed. Additionally, we are building functionality to manage properties at the user/company level.
Yes, Itemize integrates most leading Accounting/ERPs. We also offer other “data out” options for clients on less common platforms. You can also export data in any file layout to Excel or CSV. Learn more about your integration options. 
Definitely not. The Itemize client service team will guide your AP team through the setup, which is not very complicated. No tech resources are needed.
Yes. You can create an account and see the platform in action in real-time. It’s simple and intuitive.

Features and Benefits

Rich data sets from invoices

Level One, Level Two, and line item details

Guaranteed accuracy from any invoice

Field-level SLAs for specific date fields

Automated invoice reconciliation

Eliminate unnecessary human intervention

Global market coverage

Automatic vendor data capture in major markets

Fast deployments

Restful APIs with rapid setups

Cloud-based redundancy

Always on, completely in the cloud

Enterprise-grade system

High-capacity, high-security built for enterprise scale

Five-star service

Chat, email, or call whenever you need a hand

Learn How Itemize Can Save Your Business Time and Money

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