AI-Powered Automation for Financial Services

Automating transaction processing with document categorization, capture, verification, and reconciliation.

In the financial services often sees a significant portion of resources consumed by manual data entry, detracting from essential customer-focused services. Itemize addresses this challenge head-on by offering a tailored solution that minimizes manual data entry and document review, thereby enabling firms to concentrate more on driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Itemize transforms the efficiency of handling financial documents and data through a robust, secure, and scalable API solution, specifically designed for the needs of the financial services sector. It streamlines the processing of Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR),and Wholesale Lockbox, making it an indispensable tool for financial institutions, investment firms, and insurance companies.

Streamline processes 

Free up resources to focus on higher-value tasks by minimizing manual data entry work.

Accelerate turnaround

Turn around key documents faster and with a much higher level of accuracy. 

Increase employee satisfaction

Automate repetitive tasks to strengthen workforce productivity and accuracy.

Use Cases

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Wholesale Lockbox

Categorize, sort, verify and match invoices with PO, take advantages of discounts, and mitigate risk/errors.
Streamline the AR process to automate highly manual tasks, improve employee engagement, and reduce risk.
Streamline capture from Invoices, Envelopes, and other documents with reliable, secure, and scalable automation.

G/L Accounting

Enterprise Content Management

KYC and Fraud

Dedicated inbox for each client. Capture, verify, and manage invoices and other payable documents.
Easy to use, store, manage, edit and share financial documents from one place. Reduce procure-to-pay processing time.
Stop high-risk transactions and identify hidden invoice risks. Real-time monitoring prevents potential fraud before it happens.

Features and Benefits

Rich data sets from invoices

Level One, Level Two, and line item details

Guaranteed accuracy from any invoice

Field-level SLAs for specific date fields

Automated reconciliation and verification

Eliminate unnecessary human intervention

Global market coverage

Automatic vendor data capture in major markets

Fast deployments

Restful APIs with rapid setups

Cloud-based redundancy

Always on, completely in the cloud

Enterprise-grade system

High-capacity, high-security built for enterprise scale

Five-star service

Chat, email, or call whenever you need a hand

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