Life at Itemize with Jonathan Westerlin

At Itemize, we excel at developing AI-powered Intelligent Document Transformation (IDT) technology for financial ERPs. Yet it isn’t just our technology that is driving our rapid growth. The team behind our accomplishments has fostered a culture of innovation, expertise, and customer service that filters into our client experience. To learn more about life at Itemize, we talked with one of our team’s newest addition, Jon Westerlin, our Service Delivery Manager.

I joined Itemize as the service delivery manager just over a month ago while looking for a new and exciting challenge. For most of my career, I worked for enterprise-sized companies in IT Service Delivery. While this role has always enabled me to follow my passion for building relationships with my customers and my team, it was time for a change. Unlike the slow-moving atmosphere of a long-established institution, Itemize is a rapidly growing company. Not only is the work invigorating, but every member of the team knows their value, and their contributions are instantly recognized.

Helping our clients grow due to our work is exhilarating and remains the best part of the job. I have always been passionate about building relationships with customers. In my mind, any company should be a partner, not just a provider. After all, it’s not just about growing our business but their businesses as well. This is a mindset I and my colleagues at Itemize share, and we are always looking for newer and better ways to improve the client experience. We listen to our customers’ needs and measure complex data to enhance and refine our solutions continuously.

Our findings aren’t just relevant to our specific team. With our data, we identify areas to improve the company as a whole. The culture’s nimble, collaborative approach to growth makes all of this possible. At Itemize, no one is siloed in their department. We all work together towards a common goal. It’s so inspiring to be part of such an exciting, dynamic team.

Outside of my passion of working with clients, I also enjoy the leadership aspect of my role. Leadership is about people, and I take pride in dedicating my career to supporting my team in their efforts to grow and become the best versions of themselves. Through mentorship and teaching, I am proud to say I have positively influenced countless people throughout my career. And passion for leadership is mirrored in the company culture. We are lucky to have a senior leadership team that is always available for feedback or assistance.

And despite Itemize’s fast-paced growth, my work-life balance is as balanced as it can be. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and young children. Our children keep us very busy with sports and activities. Another passion is traveling, and I have been blessed enough to travel to four continents and hope to visit all seven one day.

When you are looking for a career that you enjoy, and not just a day job, where you work matters. A collaborative, engaging work environment is a real game-changer when it comes to your personal growth and life satisfaction. If you’d like to join our team, we’d love to have you! We have several openings available now, with more to come as we continue to scale.

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