Easily track your expenses across projects. Reduce bookkeeping costs and get reimbursed faster.

Save Money

Reduce manual data entry and lower bookkeeping efforts. Make tax preparation easier.

Save Time

Obtain better data from receipts, hotel bills, and invoices to improve AP functions and compliance.

Get Smart

Itemize Expense Management

Itemize Expense

The “just right” mobile expense management solution with smart data capture and receipt tagging, designed for small business.

Itemize Retriever

Itemize Retriever

For midsized and growing businesses seeking to automate tedious manual accounts payable processes and reduce accounting costs.

Itemize API

Itemize API

The ideal AI-powered capture solution for enterprises seeking richer data sets and better operating efficiencies in AP and compliance.

Save Time. Save Money.

Itemize offers the perfect expense management and accounts payable solutions for businesses that value how employee time is invested. Itemize harnesses leading-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive unsurpassed processing efficiency and accuracy for a range of innovative clients.

  • Save hours of expense data entry every week
  • Improve visibility into receipts and invoice details
  • Reduce manual reconciliation time and costs
  • Lower Accounts Payable compliance and audit costs

Itemize Features

Itemize is the leader in Artificial Intelligence-powered document data extraction for receipts, invoices, and hotel bills. The platform delivers a 99%+ accuracy guarantee for small, medium, and enterprise clients in over ten countries around the world.


99% extraction accuracy SLAs


Returns financial & vendor data


Multi-dimensional confirmation


Results within a few minutes


Evaluates every document for compliance


SOC2, PCI, GDPR, Privacy Shield certified


Matches receipts to payments and bank data


Supports users & vendors around the world


100% in the Cloud

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