Invoice Data Extraction, Reconciliation, and Verification

Capture, reconcile and verify data from invoices, receipts, and other financial documents for use in expense, tax, accounts payable, and ERP applications

Invoice AI Automation

AI data capture and reconciliation
The smart way to capture payables documents, reconcile content, and verify detailed invoice data.

Receipt Data Capture

Data extraction and verification
The most accurate API for capturing and matching rich data from receipts for ERP & accounting needs.

VAT Capture & Processing

VAT reconciliation and reclaim reporting
The most powerful automated VAT capture platform, supporting global VAT use cases.

Itemize Retriever

Small business expense management solutions
Powerful tools with simple interfaces for managing expenses, accounts payable, and VAT.


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Humans can enter, verify, and reconcile 10-12 invoices an hour. In that time, our AI-powered solutions can process hundreds of files, liberating team members from tedious, low-value activities.


In financial workflows, the rate of manual data entry and processing errors is between 8-10%. Not only do AI-powered solutions have significantly lower error rates but they also increase data quality by recording more information.


The automation of your financial workflow means increased efficiency and decreased errors, resulting in better adherence to compliance requirements, a reduction of fraud, and improved auditing.

B2B Financial Data Transformation Hub

Financial Data Transformation  |  Reconciliation  |  Verification


Embedded data transformation, reconciliation, and verification

  • Aggregate documents and data sets from multiple sources and types
  • Extract values, transform data, and load enhanced information where it’s needed
  • Verify and reconcile data with financial transactions along the way
  • Process everything – in multiple currencies and languages –  automatically and in the cloud

Itemize provides well-documented, easy-to-use RESTful APIs that you can integrate into your financial ERP and FinTech systems.

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