AI-Powered Accounts Payable

Automating Workflows, Approvals, and Fraud Prevention.

Harness your invoice data to boost cash flow, improve vendor compliance,
and streamline operations.

Accurate data capture


Powerful AI algorithms convert invoices and receipts into rich data sets for AP systems. Data integration modules deliver automated and accurate reconciliation.

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Artificial Intelligence instantly cross-checks every field, generating an invoice log for enhanced AP automation. Discrepancies can be easily flagged prior to processing payables.

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Verified data sets and reliable exception scores improve AP management by helping team members make smarter decisions faster. Robust BI and reporting enhance visibility into the AP process.

Itemize AP Automation

Intelligent AP

Boost Cash Flow

Accelerate your payables processing to capture Early Pay Discounts, reduce costs, and improve cash flow. Cut processing fees and unplanned expenses, eliminate errors and streamline payments processing.

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Improve Vendor Compliance

Automate the end-to-end AP process from invoice capture, matching, approval, and exception management, and provide critical analytics to ensure that organizations reduce risk and maintain vendor compliance.

Enhance Visibility

Gain better visibility to manage cash on hand and find opportunities to boost efficiencies. Use Accounts Payable (AP) data as your secret weapon to make smarter decisions.

Enhance visibility

Streamline Operations

Simplify and automate the AP process by removing paper and manual invoice keying, matching, and processing. End-to-end AP automation ensures your team is focused on high-value activities.

Itemize Invoice and Spend Automation

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Document Inbox and Management

Streamline document ingestion with a centralized feed of transaction information. Intelligent filters automatically sort and pre-process documents.

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Touchless Data Capture

AI-powered solution extracts, categorizes, and enriches intelligence from invoices and other B2B payables documents.

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Smart Reconciliation

Three-way matching resolves discrepancies in invoices, POs, and payments. Avoid fraud, duplicates, and inaccurate payments.

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Intelligent Risk Scoring

Establish document and vendor authenticity with robust risk scoring and exception management. Avoid mistakes and pay supplies on time.

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Robust Reporting

Predefined reports, dashboards, and KPIs deliver spend visibility. Better manage cash flow and tune operational performance.

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ERP Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to export data to ERP, AP, and accounting systems.

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