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Why You'll Love Itemize

Itemize has all the tools you need for professional expense management in a straightforward, easy to use app that goes wherever you go. All with one clean, intuitive platform. An adaptable design and powerful processing make Itemize a no-brainer for everyone from a traveling salesperson trying to get reimbursed for corporate travel to the major corporations leading Wall Street and everyone in between.

Growing with Customer Feedback

Itemize is just like you, always getting better. Itemize is constantly adding new features and enhancing the app based on your feedback. The Itemize platform offers tools designed for busy people just like you, with customization options where you need them. Fly through your expenses with automatic receipt-reading technology; file quickly and accurately with customizable tags; and reimagine your Friday afternoons with fast and easy reporting.

Transaction Matching

Once you securely connect your bank and credit card accounts, the system automatically matches uploaded expenses to their appropriate transaction record. There’s no additional work on your end, and it happens in real time, so you’re always up to date.


Itemize integrates with some of the most popular expense software including QuickBooks™, Xero, and Sage One, so you can streamline and mobilize your expense management processes.

Secondary Job Codes

Itemize recognizes that the areas where expense management and operations overlap can get messy. To help you stay organized and adapt to every circumstance, Itemize offers customizable primary and secondary job codes.

Secure Storage

Keeping your privacy and data safe is a top priority. Itemize protects both with bank-level information encryption and securely stores every upload on secure cloud for ten years.

Tax & VAT Capture

The Itemize OCR receipt-reader is a masterful multi-tasker, and will read and import all the expense information available on a document – including any tax, VAT amounts, merchant data, totals, date, merchant category - all with a 95% US accuracy.

Detailed Reporting

View your data the way you want with detailed reporting features that allow you to organize by date range, categories, merchants, job codes, payment accounts, and more.

Technical & Flexible

Follow Standards

Manage employee access and spending with set approval limits that automate your controls and keep your employees' accountable and informed.

Accounting Software

Itemize helps keep your accounting up to date with real-time connectivity that syncs new expense data as it’s submitted for streamlined operations.

Reporting Tools

Flexible reports let you customize all data aspects. Use the report wizard to set layout options and the specific information you want included.

Multiple Locations

No matter how near or far your team members are, they can always upload and sync with your company account via mobile or desktop access.

Multiple Job Codes

For the times when you need to be able to sort, separate, and arrange projects under more than one job category, we offer multiple job code functionality.

Reimburse Instantly

Keep your team members happy with fast reimbursements. Itemize lets you reimburse an expense from anywhere a with the click of a button using Venmo.

"A great way to stay on top of your receipts to be ready for your taxes. I have recommended this company to friends!"
Rebecca C.
Satisfied Customer
"App is easy to use! I can put my receipt in as soon as I make a purchase for quick categorizing. Reports are simple!"
Cara D.
Satisfied Customer
"You will always have a copy of the receipt. Nice to look up and have all information on hand. Very good for tax purposes."
Nelly P.
Satisfied Customer
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