Itemize Unveils AI Copilots for Financial Transaction Processing, Reinventing Financial Automation

March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant stride forward, Itemize announces the introduction of AI Copilots for Financial Transaction Processing, marking a new era in Itemize’s history.

This transformation also reflects our evolution from a pioneer in document capture to a market leader in AI Automation for Accounts Payable, Remittance Processing, Loan Review, and Supply Chain workflow.

Originally established as an innovative player in expense management and document capture, Itemize has played a pivotal role in transitioning businesses from traditional paper-based systems to automated data entry solutions.

Over the years, Itemize has evolved into a globally recognized brand, providing robust AI solutions tailored for complex and data-heavy financial processes.

Utilizing the Itemize cloud-based platform, businesses have achieved cost savings, efficiency gains, and significant improvements in data quality and business intelligence. The platform is user-friendly, requires minimal training, and offers immediate value across various use cases.

“At Itemize, our mission is centered on streamlining financial processes and bolstering productivity for our clients. The introduction of our AI Copilots for Financial Transaction Processing is a testament to our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art financial automation solutions,” stated James Thomas, CEO of Itemize.

“We are thrilled to partner with Itemize on their latest innovations, the AI Copilots for Financial Transaction Processing. Itemize’s cutting-edge technology has consistently provided solutions to refine our financial operations efficiently. The introduction of AI Copilots is a game-changer, promising to take our efficiency and accuracy in financial transaction processing to new heights. We look forward to leveraging this technology to continue delivering excellence to our customers,” commented Vijay Bobba, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LSC Global, a long-term partner and client of Itemize.

This transformative development reflects a new chapter in Itemize’s history and integrates seamlessly with its established Financial Transaction Automation capabilities, enhancing its overall solution portfolio. The upgrade is particularly relevant in the complex domains of Accounts Payable, Remittance Processing, Supply Chain Management, and Loan Processing. Moreover, this rebranding cements Itemize’s position as a truly global entity, supporting thousands of customer bases across 15 countries.

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About Itemize
Itemize is transforming financial transaction processing for Accounts Payable, Receivables, Supply Chain, and Loan Processing through its advanced, Ai-powered platform. Itemize harnesses Line-Item intelligence to unlock value and enable customer innovation in finance.

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