Learn how KOSA Design Studio Saves 70% Time per Invoice


KOSA is a multidisciplinary design studio. They design and build high-end commercial spaces and homes in New York City and the Hamptons.


KOSA has a portfolio of 10-15 properties/development projects. Managing 3,000 invoices per month was challenging and the AP department needed a robust solution. KOSA was looking for a modern, digital accounts payable automation solution that would eliminate manual paperwork and easily integrate with QuickBooks Online.


Using Itemize AI to immediately extract invoice data and identify GL-codes and approvers, KOSA property managers and vendors were able to streamline the invoice processing from submission to approval. This allowed AP to process the invoices without a lot of back and forth. Best of all, Itemize integrates with QuickBooks giving KOSA easy access to invoice history, including invoice images.

Positioned for Success

KOSA had been using a legacy AP Automation solution, which was cumbersome and manual. Recognizing the need for improvement, they were seeking a user-friendly, highly efficient, and scalable solution to support their growing global business.

  • Easily processing 36k invoices per year
  • Reduced costs by 40%
  • Superior user experience, including mobile approvals

Ongoing Impact 

In 2022, Itemize automatically processed more than 97% of KOSA’s incoming purchase invoices. Itemize managed to eliminate many routine work stages, freeing up the time and expertise of financial management professionals for more productive development work. The impact on productivity has been significant. The AP team can process 25% more invoices without increasing the dedicated resource. 

Itemize platform also flags ordering discrepancies, duplicate invoices and fraud instances, helping the KOSA AP team avoid overpayment.

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