Accounts Payable Invoice Automation: What to Look For in the Right Solution

AP Automation can be overwhelming but if done right it provides robust changes for a small investment with great benefits. Few points to keep in mind as you thank about making changes to your AP: 

  • Start by improving a single process, such as automating the physical intake of invoices, or roll out an AP automation solution for a single office location to see how it performs, before implementing company-wide
  • Identify the right vendor that fits your functional and geographic needs. Be sure the provider is geographically diverse and understands invoice and privacy regulations for your key markets
  • Don’t fall for bigger is better traps. Your solution does not need to be end-to-end P2P automation with all the bells and whistles to be “complete.” Moreover, the burden of buying and rolling out a massive solution that would touch multiple internal organizations and processes is very likely to fail under the weight of change and only benefits the vendor who has upsold you
  • Understand your support options. Figure out if the vendor will provide onboarding training and ongoing support or if your team will have to figure things out themselves

What Itemize offers: 

  • A robust invoice processing solution with the flexibility to scale. Our pricing and support structure is built to support SMBs, single offices, medium and, large enterprises 
  • Support clients in 20+ countries. Itemize is PCI, SOC, Privacy Shield certified, and GDPR compliant 
  • Transforms Accounts Payables Invoice Automation by automating data capture, reconciliation, exception resolution, payable tax reporting and reclaim. The Itemize solution can be purchased with or without the reconciliation, risk, or tax modules depending on your business needs. You pay for what you buy
  • Dedicated customer support for every single customer, irrespective of the subscription tier. You will be talking to a real human who will spend time understanding your AP organization, troubleshoot any issues with our platform and be a true partner in your success 

Learn how Itemize can offer you and your organization powerful capabilities, and meaningful analytics. Request a demo.

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