Itemize Named One of 2019’s 100 Most Promising Tech Startups on the Prestigious CIOReview List

MANHATTAN, NY, April 10, 2019 – Expense management SaaS provider Itemize was named to the prestigious CIOReview list as one of 2019’s 100 Most Promising Tech Startups. The recognition comes on the heels of numerous financial technology accolades from media and analysts over the past several months, as the expense management firm continues its steady pace of growth. 

Itemize prides itself on its unsurpassed accuracy in automating the data gathering and processing of expenses; the expanse management solution is proving to be a lifesaver to time-strapped small business executives, entrepreneurs, and frequent business travelers. The company states that while the downloadable app boasts a 98% recognition accuracy, the solution also saves an average of five hours a week per user by automating expenses—both in gathering disparate receipts and reporting them to accounts payable.

“The time savings is just incredible, and that is time that every member of the team could be investing in much more productive pursuits rather than gathering and manually entering a bunch of expenses,” Itemize CEO James Thomas says.

According to Thomas, many employees are reluctant to perform redundant and tedious tasks, such as data entry. Because of this, financial departments are continually trying to make these folks feel more connected and interested in completing them. “The irony is that humans don’t do their jobs perfectly if they don’t like to do them.” 

Simply put, Itemize eliminates monotonous work and replaces it with technology that captures information on its own—whether it’s from accounts payable or expense documents,” Thomas explains.

Financial organizations should equip themselves with a system that is more accurate, comprehensive, and faster. Also, using automated expense technology saves money. The exponential rate at which invoices are processed annually in the U.S. is alarming: over 90 billion dollars’ is spent on employees keying in those invoices.

About Itemize

Faster, Smarter, Simpler. Itemize provides expense management and accounts payable solutions for businesses that want to improve financial processes and better leverage their employees’ talents. Itemize harnesses leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive unsurpassed processing efficiency and accuracy for a range of innovative clients. Learn more at

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