MANHATTAN, NY, October 3, 2018 – Itemize is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Infor Expense Management. As an expense data extraction provider, Itemize is uniquely positioned to pair itself with Infor’s travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management tool. Itemize’s embedded solution utilizes cloud technology and artificial intelligence to capture receipt data and transfer that data to Infor automatically. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Infor Expense Management. As corporate employees ourselves before starting Itemize, we recognize the burden employees bear in manually tracking expenses and entering receipt data into systems,” said James Thomas, Founder and CEO of Itemize.

“We are pleased to support Infor in offering a solution designed to help address this challenge,” Thomas went on to say. “In addition, the Itemize solution can also help financial managers streamline the task of monitoring policy compliance via improved data quality. We are thrilled to be partnering with an industry leader in the expense management sector who can help enhance our platform.”

Designed to offer unique and insightful capabilities for spending control, reporting, and analysis, Infor Expense Management enables customers to actively manage employee-initiated expenses while on the go due to its mobile capabilities and cloud deployment. These features can help reduce costs without disrupting business. Infor Expense Management can also help automate expense-related business processes with social collaboration tools, enforce policy compliance, cut administrative costs, and reduce the risk of accidental errors and intentional fraud.

 “We continue to drive value for Infor Expense Management customers with the incorporation of the Itemize functionality,” said Mark Corsetti, Vice President and General Manager at Infor. He added, “this partnership can further improve the business traveler experience and help our users get reimbursed faster and with less manual effort. We believe Infor is now poised to enter a leadership position in the enterprise expense management market.”

Itemize is expanding its solution set. The new tools will enable finance and accounting departments as well as independent accountants and bookkeepers the ability to automate the tedious and error-prone processes of manually entering data from invoices, receipts, and other documents, freeing up employees to pursue more value-driven tasks. 


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