Written by Ryan Courtade, Operations at Itemize

At Itemize, we realize the importance and convenience of snapping a photo of a payment document and never having to touch it again. Whether it’s a hotel folio, invoice, or receipt document, you need the ability to snap a photo and trust, with 100% certainty, that the data is extracted correctly so that you can book the expense properly and enter it into the proper workflow.

We hear you. Starting in March, Itemize is launching the first of many steps to offer our API clients a 100% solution.

Introducing: Handwritten Tip Processing.

API clients will be able to elect for automated tip processing. Anytime the system detects a handwritten tip on a receipt, that receipt will be sent to human eyes for verification and entry of the tip information, with a turnaround time of under 60 minutes.

During processing, the engine determines a confidence score on the likelihood of a tip. This confidence score is based on the OCR text from our proprietary engine, merchant data from over 8 million worldwide merchants, and machine learning models based on the look and layout of the document itself.

As Itemize continues to develop and improve upon its OCR & Data Extraction offering in 2018, look for more opportunities that will allow you a 100% solution on all data fields, expanded offerings on hotel folios and invoices, and new market SLA’s.

Please contact a sales representative for more information on tip processing or to sign up for an API sandbox account.

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