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Itemize Expands Product Capabilities

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MANHATTAN, NY–(Aug 4, 2017) – Itemize, one of fintech’s leading developers of mobile expense management solutions today announced enhanced capabilities to support larger companies and bookkeeping firms. “We have expanded our client base and had mid-sized companies request more sophisticated administrative roles. To improve workflow and streamline Itemize, we worked with our customer focus groups to design, develop and roll out new, administrative capabilities. The result of this project improves functionality for larger Itemize clients,” stated Jim Thomas, Itemize CEO.

Businesses have been looking for more efficient and mobile ways to improve the expense management process. Itemize is an app that can be downloaded to your mobile device and used to take pictures of receipts and invoices. This data is automatically extracted and used to create monthly expense reports, cost analysis and ensure compliance with T&E policies.  Mr. Thomas confirms, “Itemize is expense reporting, done for you, not by you.”

Itemize customers will now have the ability to assign administrative roles to multiple users, allowing for flexibility managing and approving expenses. Additional, expanded team and company capabilities will be deployed in August of 2017.

About Itemize

Itemize is a leading NYC based fintech company delivering superior, mobile expense management solutions for businesses. Advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning has revolutionized Itemize’s automated expense management capabilities, making it a leader in end to end mobile expense technology and data extraction. Itemize is expense management done for you, not by you. For more information visit

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