We've got all the tools you need for professional expense management in a straightforward, easy to use app that goes wherever you go. All with one clean, intuitive platform.

An adaptable design and powerful processing make Itemize a no-brainer for everyone from the busy mom trying to wrangle family finances to the major corporations leading Wall Street and everyone in between.

We don't have a preference for iOS or Android, but we know you do so we've designed Itemize to work flawlessly on both.

Itemize is just like you, always getting better. We`re constantly adding new features, fine-tuning the app based on your feedback, and finding more ways to dazzle and impress our legion of fans.

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How It Works

Our customers are the center of our universe and we believe in giving them all the features they’re looking for and then some. The Itemize platform offers all kinds of tools designed for busy people just like you with customization options in all the right places. You`ll fly through your expenses with OCR, receipt-reading technology; run circles around old-school filing with customizable tags; and reimagine your Friday afternoons with fast and easy reporting.

Transaction Matching

Once you connect your bank and credit card accounts we’ll get to work automatically matching uploaded expenses to their appropriate transaction record. There’s no additional work on your end, and it happens in real time, so you’re always up to date.

Tax & VAT Capturing

No one likes to fiddle with taxes. Our OCR receipt-reader is a masterful multi-tasker and will read and import all the expense information available on a document – including any tax, VAT amounts and VAT numbers with 99% accuracy.

Secondary Job Codes

We recognize that the areas where expense management and operations overlap can get a little messy to navigate if you’re not flexible. To help you stay organized and adapt to every circumstance, we offer customizable primary and secondary job codes.


In this day and age power is nothing without connectivity. Itemize integrates with some of the most popular expense software including QuickBooks™, Xero, Sage One, FreshBooks and Free Agent so you can streamline and mobilize your expense management processes.

ACH Reimbursement

Kiss printing checks goodbye. Our technology allows you to issue reimbursements quickly and directly into a designated bank account with ACH electronic payment processing. – Coming Soon

Secure Storage

Keeping your privacy and data safe is our top concern. We protect both with bank-level information encryption and store every upload on our secure cloud for ten years. All the records you keep in the cloud are guarded against unauthorized access and accessible only with your unique login and password information.

Detailed Reporting

View your data the way you want with detailed reporting features that allow you to organize by date range, categories, merchants, job codes, payment accounts, and more.

Set a Specific Time Frame

Stay on top of reports and get the information you need faster with customizable timeframes that allow you to run MTD, YTD, Quarterly reports, and more in one easy step.

Save Report Templates

There’s nothing worse than having to repeat yourself when you’re already busy. We’ve eliminated the need for constant input with report templates that let you customize and save your preferred filter, layout, and data settings.

Multiple Tags

Most expenses fit under multiple categories. Instead of limiting your search capabilities to just one tag per upload, we allow you to create multiple custom tags so you can be sure that each expense shows up everywhere you need it to.

Exporting and Reimbursement

Itemize lets you leave complicated expense management processes behind with easy to use PDF and Excel exporting options and fast ACH or Venmo reimbursement.

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We Know Data

Itemize processes your receipts in real-time. Our receipt-reader has a 99% accuracy rating (which is better than 90% of really great data entry people, if you didn’t know) so you can be sure it’s done right the first time. Our proprietary OCR technology works quickly and processes an average of over 2,000 documents per hour hour. We’re designed to adapt to the way you work. With fully customizable tags and job codes, you can organize and search for your data your way.

Receipts processed

Make More Informed Business Decisions

Itemize is scalable and works for all kinds of businesses at every stage of growth from the solo contractors to the Fortune 500 companies. Did you know there are almost more 1099 contract workers (54MM) in the US than the entire population of the UK (65MM)? Did you know 82% of fraudulent expense activity is committed by just 5% of employees? With Itemize for businesses you can stay on top of employees’ expense activities in real-time from one, organized place so there’s more opportunity to stop issues in their tracks and catch discrepancies early.

Help the Whole Team Follow Company Standards: Manage employee access and spending with set approval limits that automate your controls and keep your employee’s accountable and informed.

Reporting Tools for Every Size Business: Flexible functionality lets you customize all aspects of your reports from layout options to what specific information is included. Once you’ve made your data selections, you can then choose to share a report digitally or print a hard copy. All through the in-app report wizard.

Multiple Job Codes That Can Adjust During: Sometimes one job code just doesn’t cut it. For the times when you need to be able to sort, separate, and arrange projects under more than one job category, we offer multiple job code functionality.

Reimburse Instantly from Anywhere: Keep your team members happy with fast reimbursements. Itemize lets you reimburse an expense from anywhere at any time with the click of a button using either ACH or Venmo.

Multiple Locations, One Account, Even on the Go: No matter how near or far your team members are, they can always upload and sync with your company account via mobile or desktop access so everything you need is in one easy place – wherever you are.

Manage Reimbursements with Easy Approval Settings: Stay on top of expenses as they’re submitted with Team Admin Approval and Bookkeeper Approval settings that allow you to assign automated and manual approval limits

Integrate with Accounting Software: Itemize helps keep your accounting up to date with real-time connectivity that syncs new expense data as quickly as it’s submitted for streamlined operations. Connect Itemize to QuickBooks, Zero, Sage One and more.

Build with Itemize API: Build solutions for expense management processes like record keeping, data entry, reporting, and more. With Itemize API’s configurable processing you can create a custom connection for your business and a better user experience for your clients.