Your Experience

Itemize provides a unique and superior approach to capturing and extracting data real time from your purchase documents such as receipts

Step 1

Your documents are captured via a smart phone photo or automatically from a synced email account.

Step 2

All relevant data is extracted using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Step 3

The expense is then automatically classified.

Step 4

Add your supplemental information e.g. project number, tags etc.

Step 5

Reports are available via your desktop or mobile device providing detailed expenses reports with supporting images of receipts.

Step 6

Structured data can be electronically provided to your accounting applications (e.g., QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks).


Thousands of individuals and businesses utilize Itemize in order to:

-Reduce the hassle of saving paper receipts.
-Eliminate the chance of lost reimbursements and tax / VAT deductions.
-Save time by automating the process of capturing data from receipts or making photocopies.
-Review expenditures by source, type, time period, etc..
-Optionally, merge data from receipts and payment transactions (e.g., plastic card usage) for fraud management and other purposes.

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