• Mistakes Cost Money

    According to a study done by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employee theft costs American companies $20 billion to $40 billion a year. This means that every man and woman working in America today contributes more than $400 per year to that total whether by accident or on purpose. Because manual entry is only 90% accurate, the simple act of automating data entry quickly and accurately can address inadvertent employee reimbursement mistakes. Itemize combats this… Read More
  • Why APIs Matter

    In today’s market, companies in every industry worldwide are assessing and deploying business API solutions. “2017 is quickly becoming the year of the API Economy,” Louis Colombus writes in Forbes Magazine. As more businesses are powered by APIs, it is up to today’s software architects to develop products that people want and need. Itemize Corp has stepped up to the challenge by developing a receipt-processing API, fully automated with proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning. The proprietary OCR and ML are… Read More
  • OCR and ABC’s

    By pre-K, Leila had mastered the ABC’s and recognized that an open ladder looks like an A and that a snake is curved like an S. She knew the letters. But she could not yet read.  She could not yet interpret what those letters strung together represent on a page.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the ability of a machine to recognize that a set of black dots is a character, which the… Read More
  • Itemize Releases Updated App for Android Devices

    Itemize announces the release of the Itemize Expense Management app on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Itemize makes tracking expenses fast and easy. By simply taking a picture of a receipt, invoice, or reimbursement request, the app automatically extracts and itemizes the necessary data to compile a report that app-users can trust. No data entry is required. The data can be exported to PDF, Excel, Xero, & QuickBooks® using built-in expense templates. Itemize removes the fear of losing old receipts, improves accuracy by reducing human data entry, and speeds up the time it takes to review and reconcile expense reports. No more long… Read More
  • Itemize recognized by Gartner as Top Ten Expense Management Solution

    MANHATTAN, NY–(October 11, 2017) – Itemize the only pure Machine Learning / AI Expense management solution was this week recognized by Gartner as a Top 10 App. Itemize is currently live across four continents and processing over 1m documents a month through its platform was proud to be recognised by Gartner.  Jim Thomas, CEO of Itemize commented, “Having continually improved our data extraction accuracy to now deliver over 95% automated… Read More
  • Itemize Expands Product Capabilities

    Finish your expense reports faster and easier   MANHATTAN, NY–(Aug 4, 2017) – Itemize, one of fintech’s leading developers of mobile expense management solutions today announced enhanced capabilities to support larger companies and bookkeeping firms. “We have expanded our client base and had mid-sized companies request more sophisticated administrative roles. To improve workflow and streamline Itemize, we worked with our customer focus groups to design, develop and roll out new, administrative capabilities. The result of this project… Read More
  • Do you need all that paper?

    Everyone wants a fresh start in 2017 – to sweep out the old and tackle the new. If I know you guys, you’re getting started off right with a good, thorough housecleaning. And I bet, like mine, your housecleaning will end with a big stack of financial papers you have no idea what to do with. Figuring out which papers to keep and which to get rid of can be… Read More
  • Tips to start prepping for tax prep

    Federal income tax filing season will shortly begin, on Jan. 23, so it’s time to think about how your taxes are going to be prepared if you haven’t already decided. The days of picking up paper forms and filling them out by hand are a thing of the past for most people, and that’s generally a good thing. Filling out tax forms using tax preparation software, or paying someone to… Read More
  • 4 Key Accounting Issues to Watch in 2017

    As if 2017 doesn’t promise enough drama and change already, the accounting profession is poised for a year brimming with expected regulatory issues and scrutiny. Bloomberg BNA recently released its 2017 Tax & Accounting Outlook report that covers the gamut of legislative, state, international, and tax administration issues. But it also highlights the following four key accounting issues that could impact practitioners and companies in the new year. Banks and credit losses.New… Read More
  • Decluttering for the New Year? What to keep or throw away

    Snap your receipts with Itemize and declutter your life!  With a new year before us, it’s the perfect time to make space for new things and toss out old stuff. One thing people have too much is paper. There are some papers you should hold on to, though. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some things you should keep: Books of accounts and other accounting records. As… Read More