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Saving companies time, money, and headaches by extracting, matching, and verifying expenses.

About Itemize

Itemize is disrupting the enterprise OCR and offshore data entry space with leading edge tech. Itemize harnesses Cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence to turn receipts and similar documents into useful intelligence for business financial systems. Built in New York City.

Proprietary Technology

Applying the latest in artificial intelligence machine learning to interpret payment documents. Creating structured data from unstructured inputs.

Made for Developers

Offering fully automated solutions that enable true scalability and reduced costs to the end user. Eliminating the need to retain physical documents.

Highly Accurate

Delivering validated datasets that are returned based on multi-dimensional verification. Over one million documents processed monthly.

Leadership Team

James Thomas

Chief Executive Officer
James Thomas founded Itemize in 2012, following his leadership of Mastercard’s information business. Based on his expertise in Payments data, he recognized that harnessing receipt and invoice details would require innovative thinking and new technologies. From that understanding he founded Itemize to harness Intelligent Character Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision to dynamically read and organize payment document details. “Every receipt is like a snowflake; they look alike but each one is actually a unique document.”

Hitesh Chitalia

VP, Technology
Hitesh Chitalia leads Itemize development and engineering to support the company’s growth, sales, and product goals. Additionally, he maintains the AWS infrastructure supporting the Itemize products and scalability.

Ryan Courtade

VP, Revenue Operations
Ryan Courtade joined Itemize after 15 years in the non-profit and military leadership sectors. Ryan oversees all sales, marketing, and product development, ensuring the voice of the customer and marketplace is met with new features.

Peter Kolevzon

General Counsel
Peter Kolevzon serves as General Counsel of the company, and is a member of the Board of Directors. Peter is a former partner with Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP, where he specialized in private and public financings.

Jeremy Sanders

Jeremy Sanders specializes in building robust systems. With over 25 years of IT experience in financial services, he has launched many projects in infrastructure and development, including MDDL XML for Market Initiative.

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