About Us

The Itemize Team is a diverse mix of talented software programmers and data fanatics, sincere marketing professionals, and a whole lot of service-centric support staff. Though we’re all very different, we share a common vision – to offer the best payment processing and expense management software on the market and make it available to everyone from the small town contractor to the big city corporation. Our technology uses the latest and greatest AI (artificial intelligence) to read your invoices and receipts and extract pertinent expense information to create searchable, structured data. The OCR (optical character reader) component operates at 99% accuracy (as good as a skilled data entry person) and is constantly learning and improving. But we’re about more than just receipt reading. We also save copies of every upload safely in the Itemize Cloud, so you don’t have to keep all those little slips of paper anymore. And as an Itemize subscriber, you’ll have access to a full suite of powerful yet easy to use automation controls so you can streamline your expense processes like account reconciliation, approvals, reporting, and reimbursements. Our goal is to virtually eliminate tedious expense-related tasking and free up more of your time so you can get back to whatever matters most to you.

Our Team

Get to know the folks who are making all your expense management dreams come true.