Keep Track of Your Sales Tax with Itemize

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Thousands of dollars in tax refunds go unclaimed each year due to poor receipt records. It is hard to lose the things that are bought, but very easy to misplace a receipt.

Receipts are especially crucial for residents of states with no state income tax, such as; Florida, Nevada and Texas.  A majority of these taxpayers file a standard deduction due to incomplete expense records, resulting in the loss of hundreds and sometimes even thousands in tax refund dollars.

With Itemize, users are able to take receipts, store them, and turn them into usable tax data in a click on their mobile device.  Itemize is powered by artificial intelligence, which does the work that bookkeepers used to do.

By capturing the daily sales tax people can make an easier determination on if they have exceeded the standard deduction practices which will ultimately help them get a bigger IRS refund.

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