De-stress on the Job in Three Simple Steps

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We’ve all been there. It’s only 11 am and your stress levels are already sky-high.

Maybe it’s a big deadline looming. Maybe you’re trying to learn something new and keep up with your other duties too. Maybe you were running late to work today, and you’ve been trying to catch up all morning. Or maybe it’s all three.

Whatever the case may be, take heart, there are a few quick & easy ways you can calm your mind and de-stress on the job (even in the heat of the moment). And that’s a good thing because prolonged stress can cause all kinds of problems.

De-stress your workday by:
1. Putting it all in perspective
2. Giving yourself permission to breath
3. Visualize your success

Gain a little perspective
Yes, it might feel like the world is crashing down around you, but it’s not. What’s more likely is that you’re so focused on what you’re trying to accomplish that whatever it is has become overwhelming.

Instead of letting it wear you down, practice putting your work in perspective. Under very few circumstances are the potential outcomes actually dire. They just feel that way when you care about your job.

Chances are, no one’s life is depending on you finishing that project flawlessly or ahead of the deadline. You will learn whatever the new task is in good time, and if you need help, you should ask for it. And even if you were late today, tomorrow is a new day and a chance to plan ahead, leave early, and make it on time.

Take a moment to breath
No matter how crazy your day has been, you should always be able to stop whatever you’re doing for 60-seconds and breathe. By allowing yourself to slow down and focus on your breath, you can instantly calm your body, lower your blood pressure, and clear your mind. In fact, focused breathing is so powerful it’s considered one of the top stress-reduction techniques for people of all ages (not just working stiffs like us).

If you need a little help to get started, here’s a few breathing techniques from the folks at Greatist you can practice anywhere.

Visualize success to achieve success
Whatever is bringing you down and causing elevated levels of stress is affecting you negatively in part because you’ve started thinking of it negatively. Turn that whole attitude on its head by visualizing yourself successfully completing or overcoming whatever the obstacle is.

Practice seeing the details of success in your mind and eliciting positive thoughts.

– Did you bring a new client on board?
– Was your presentation well received?
– Did you adjust your alarm so that you never come to work late again?

As you picture your achieving your goal, try to think about milestones or clear, logical steps you can complete that will help take you from stressing and struggling to balance and progress. Write down whatever steps you can take to reach success (or if it’s something simple like setting an alarm, do it now). Follow and check back with that list whenever you’re feeling stressed and check off steps as you complete them for an added boost of confidence.

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