Drowning in Receipts This Holiday Season? Here is a Solution.

By December 7, 2015 April 24th, 2018 No Comments
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Make holiday shopping easier. All it takes is downloading one app.

The holiday season has arrived which means it’s time to go shopping! While we all love giving and receiving gifts, holiday shopping can be incredibly stressful. Keeping track of receipts, waiting in long lines, and searching for the best price are just a few of the hassles. Any little bit of help can greatly improve your holiday shopping experience.

Instead of drowning in all of the receipts you will inevitably accumulate, why not keep them all in a single place while also saving space? With Itemize you can. Itemize allows you to store and access all of your receipts on your mobile device or computer. Simply snap a photo of each receipt you receive and Itemize automatically extracts all data, organizes your receipts, and provides insights and analysis on how you spend your money.

Just think about all of the space you will save — no more stuffed wallets or shoe-boxes filled with receipts! Need to return a gift but can’t find the receipt? Never again with Itemize! Make your life easier this Holiday season and download Itemize today.

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