Fashion vs. Paper Receipts

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Is there Room for Paper Receipts in your Wallet?

It’s no secret: people are using their credit cards more and cash less. Credit cards are easier to use and carry around. However, there’s also a fashion benefit. Slim cards allow for even slimmer wallets. The New York Times reports that wallets are getting smaller and thinner to fit the more tailored and fitted style that has dominated men’s fashion for the past several years. With such slim wallets, where to keep paper receipts?

Receipts end up being lost, destroyed, or piled-up in a shoe box. This is an unorganized and time-consuming solution. The best way to track receipts is take a photo, store digitally, and throw away the paper. You could store them yourself, aimlessly searching through images when you need them. You can use cloud storage with the same problem. The best way to manage paper receipts is to use an expense management solution, like Itemize. With automated data extraction from paper receipts and new data visualizations, manual data entry and organization is obsolete. And all you need is your phone. You can also track digital receipts eliminating paper altogether, which has more benefits.

While Itemize isn’t exactly advocating buying any of the expensive slim wallets in the NYT article, Itemize could help avoid receipt tracking concerns.

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